Open Medical to improve digital landscape of healthcare by partnering with the PRSB

A cohesive and effortless flow of information across health and social care is key to achieving integrated care and sits at the heart of the PRSB’s mission. Our new partner – Open Medical – shares the same aim and their digital solution, Pathpoint, helps digitise steps in end-to-end care pathways, preventing potentially crucial information from being missed, and supporting clinicians’ workflows.

Open Medical’s solution ensures that health and care providers have easy access to vital information right at their fingertips so they can make timely and well-informed decisions. By joining the Standards Partnership Scheme, Open Medical aims to solidify their commitment and help amplify the importance of information standards in delivering optimal patient care.

Our partner recognises that standards and interoperability lead to a more effective and patient-centric healthcare system where information flows, mistakes are mitigated, and the overall quality of care is enhanced.

Michael Shenouda, Chief Commercial Officer at Open Medical, said: “We are thrilled about our partnership with the PRSB. We have been adhering to health and care information standards with utmost excellence since our very first implementation, but with this scheme, we can showcase our commitment to delivering the best digital solutions to our users. With the support of PRSB and its authoritative standards, we eagerly look forward to enhancing healthcare experiences and achieving better outcomes for our valued clients and the broader community we serve.”

Lorraine Foley, CEO at the PRSB, said: “Building integrated care is not possible without collaboration – and this is why we’re proud to work with like-minded system suppliers such as Open Medical, who understand the role of information standards in creating cohesive records and delivering more effective care. I am delighted to see Open Medical’s enthusiasm and eagerness to work with us on implementing our standards and look forward to seeing the outcomes of our work.”

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