Fusion eCare Solutions joins the PRSB’s Standards Partnership Scheme to make a difference to the delivery of care

We are delighted to see that our Standards Partnership Scheme is growing in strength with the arrival of new partners with technologies improving the delivery and provision of care. Fusion eCare Solutions, a software supplier with over 20 years’ experience in the care sector, has just joined us to embark on their journey with the PRSB’s standards.

Fusion eCare Solution’s platform asserts that it is specifically tailored for care settings, helping streamline daily tasks and providing peace of mind to care providers. The company also recently became a Digital Social Care Record Assured Supplier which means that it meets the highest requirements and standards to help deliver excellent care with its digital solution.

The Fusion team believes that effective information sharing is crucial to care and health settings as new care models and standards of care emerge. Similarly, communication between healthcare professionals and people is vital to achieving high-quality care and better outcomes and so continuous improvement of its software so that it supports interoperability is a priority. It sees that adopting the PRSB’s standards will ensure that information is consistent throughout all care settings, which will lay the foundation for true interoperability – and this is why the company is looking forward to achieving conformance against our standards, including the Personalised Care and Support Plan Standard, which is mandated for use in specific health and care settings in England from 2024.

Ben Richardson, Business Strategy and Marketing Manager at Fusion eCare Solutions, said: “Fusion is continuously designed and developed with input from our valued customers so that we can keep abreast of legislation and help make their work more efficient. Adopting the PRSB’s standards and enabling consistent information sharing will help us ensure that we are contributing to the delivery of high-quality care and the successful management of care settings.”

Lorraine Foley, CEO at the PRSB, added: “Technology can’t be used to its full potential without information standards and interoperability, and we are pleased that more system suppliers, such as Fusion eCare Solutions, are realising this. I am delighted to welcome Fusion as our new partner and appreciate their eagerness to work with us to achieve conformance against our standards to make a difference in the care sector.”

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