Epic becomes a PRSB partner

Electronic health records supplier, Epic, is the latest organisation to join the PRSB Standards Partnership Scheme. Epic develops software to help people get well, help people stay well, and help future generations be healthier. More than 300 million patients have a current record in Epic.

Epic’s decision to join the Standards Partnership Scheme was driven by PRSB’s drive towards international standards and interoperability for better care. They will be working closely with its customers to understand which standards are most important to them.

“We’ve seen that industry collaboration to define interoperability standards improves adoption and leads to more efficient, cost-effective data exchange between healthcare providers,” said Alex Bendik, UK Interoperability Lead at Epic. “A shared commitment to industry standards and interoperability is critical to high-quality care.”

“Our philosophy is that healthcare should be informed by each patient’s unique, longitudinal story,” Bendik said. “Since 2008, our customers have used Care Everywhere, the first interoperability platform of its kind, to ensure that patients’ Epic charts can accompany them wherever they receive care. Every Epic customer is fully interoperable today, and half of our community’s daily information exchange occurs with organisations that use different interoperable systems.”

Lorraine Foley, PRSB CEO, said: “I am delighted to welcome Epic to PRSB. I couldn’t agree more with their philosophy of promoting collaboration and working closely with patients to drive forward interoperability in the quest for better care. We look forward to working with them to define and support the relevant standards.”

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