Dedalus partners with PRSB to improve the flow of information across health and social care

Dedalus, a global healthcare and diagnostic software supplier, understands that digital transformation and collaboration are one of the most critical enablers for improving the speed and efficiency of healthcare services – and this is why they’ve joined the PRSB as a Partner. This milestone marks an important step towards standardisation and interoperability across health and care, which supports Dedalus’ overarching vision of a digitally enabled healthcare system.

Having worked with the NHS for over 40 years, Dedalus believes that transforming health and care requires joint effort from system suppliers. Partnering with the PRSB will help them identify like-minded companies and integrate with their solutions, resulting in improving information flow and efficiency and effectiveness of health and care services.

Information record standards and interoperability are pivotal to Dedalus’ goal. The more suppliers agree to adhere to the same set of information standards and improve interoperability between systems, the better they can support professionals and people’s outcomes.

Looking ahead, Dedalus is eager to embark on assessments for conformance against standards such as such as ‘About Me’, eDischarge Summary Standard, Emergency Care Discharge Standard, and more.

Colin Henderson, General UK and Ireland Manager at Dedalus, said: “We see our partnership with the PRSB as a critical part of our continued commitment to supporting the digital transformation of the healthcare system.”

Lorraine Foley, CEO at the PRSB, added: “We are pleased to see that interoperability and adhering to our standards is becoming increasingly important to many system suppliers, such as Dedalus. We are looking forward to supporting them through their conformance against our standards and realising our joint mission of enabling better information sharing across health and care.”

Our Standards Partnership Scheme brings together 60 system suppliers together to help accelerate interoperability between health and care systems and drive excellence in the adoption of information standards, supporting clinicians in making informed decisions and providing high-quality care. Not yet a partner? Find out more about the benefits of joining us:

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