Care Vision achieves conformance for the About Me Standard

We are delighted that another system supplier has been awarded the Quality Mark against the PRSB’s About Me Standard – congratulations to Care Vision for achieving this milestone.

Care Vision is a cloud-based care management system for care providers. The organisation understands that standards conformance lays the foundation for interoperability and enables sharing of information across platforms and health and care settings in a safe, efficient and compliant way, which is why they decided to go through the assessment with PRSB.

‘About Me’ includes important details that a person wants to share with professionals in health and social care, for example, how best to communicate with the person, how to help them feel at ease or details about how they like to take their medication.

By being awarded the Quality Mark, Care Vision wanted to show their customers and stakeholders that they are committed to achieving the highest standards in information sharing and helping support the delivery of excellent care.

Speaking about the conformance process, the team at Care Vision praised the well-organised structure and clear instructions. They appreciate that PRSB assessors have real life experience within clinical settings and knowledge of systems, resulting in a professional and collaborative approach. Care Vision had already done much to implement the standard before beginning assessment but going through the process highlighted some best practice elements to be addressed in future developments of the system.

Being conformant against ‘About Me’ means that Care Vision’s platform will be able to record and share information that is important to an individual in a simple and clear way, enabling care providers to deliver more personalised care.

Rishi Jawaheer, Director at Care Vision, said: “We are delighted to have achieved PRSB conformance against the About Me Standard, which strengthens our digital offering and supports the robust nature of Care Vision’s development. This achievement will help show us as a cloud-based, integrated care management solution that is not only user-friendly, but comprehensive and robust when it comes to standards conformance.

“Our conformance assessors, Matt Butler and Isabel Kuncewicz, made the process easy as they were key points of contacts for Care Vision providing dedicated support throughout the conformance journey. PRSB’s advice, recommendations and familiarity with the process will make it even easier for us to undergo future assessments.”

Lorraine Foley, CEO at PRSB, commented: “We are pleased to see the surge in uptake in the conformance assessments against the About Me Standard, and that system suppliers are increasingly appreciating the value of sharing information on what is important to a person in a consistent way, supporting their care outcomes. The team at Care Vision worked hard to achieve this success and they should be very proud of their achievement.”

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