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Putting people at the forefront will speed up digitisation

Professor Maureen Baker

Care homes, Coronavirus and
shared decision making

Professor Iain Carpenter

PRSB welcomes recommendations from Paterson Inquiry

Professor Maureen Baker

Making data sharing
a reality

Michael Thick

Supporting people with mental health conditions

Professor Maureen Baker

Cataract patients seeing better thanks to good information sharing

Ian Rodrigues, Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Changing the future for people
with learning disabilities

Cally Ward

Personalised care
is the future

Dr Peter-Marc Fortune

Access to records will reduce patient stress and anxiety

Laura Fulcher, Patient representative

Standards can change
the future of maternity care

Rachel Scanlan

Understanding the value
of patient data

Professor Maureen Baker

The future is digital:
Our goals for 2018

Professor Maureen Baker

Why should doctors write letters directly to patients?

Alan Craig, Patient

Integrated care and
support planning

Nilesh Bharakhada

Emergency care discharge summaries standard

Professor Jonathan Benger

What is clinical

Chris Austin

Digital records are the future for
data safety and better care

Professor Iain Carpenter

Safe, low cost email
in healthcare

Professor Iain Carpenter

Developing a clinical standard
for outpatient letters

Phil Kozcan