28 September 2017

PRSB starts work on standard maternity record

The PRSB has begun work with NHS Digital to develop a standard for maternity records, so that key information regarding pregnancy can be shared digitally between GPs, hospitals, midwives and everyone else involved in maternity care.

The goal of the standardised maternity record is to ensure that information can be easily shared, ultimately delivering safer care for both women and their babies.

The details of the project are now being finalised with NHS Digital and we will be running workshops to gather feedback on the standardised headings in November and December. Following the workshops, there will be a survey consultation, before the standard for maternity records is published in the new year.

The work follows on from the national maternity review, which recommended that NHS England and the National Information Board (NIB) should support the national roll out of digital, sharable maternity records for professional use, combined with support for a digital tool (or personal health record) for women as an urgent priority.

If you are interested in getting involved with the project, please get in touch by emailing info@theprsb.org.

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