31 July 2017

PRSB works with INTEROPen to develop FHIR profiles 

The PRSB is working closely with INTEROPen to provide a view on professional and patient priorities in the community’s drive to join up health and social care delivery.

INTEROPen is collaborating with NHS Digital, the PRSB and others to create Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) 'profiles' and 'extensions' so that care settings in the UK are able to share a common 'language' in patient data exchange. These are referred to as (UK Generic) CareConnect profiles.

Curation Methodology

The Curation Team is a group of INTEROPen member volunteers who have been developing CareConnect FHIR profiles for use in the exchange of patient information in UK health and social care. These are a set of definitions that describe particular health and social care concepts, for example medication, procedures and patient allergies. At present these profiles are generic, but the curation methodology team is examining how they can be extended for use across all patient transfers, allowing professionals to share digital information more easily. You can read more here or find out more about FHIR from the www.interopsummit.com event.

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