29 May 2017

Putting standards into practice

Standards are only useful if they are put into practice. So the PRSB is refreshing its programme to support implementation of standards working in collaboration with its member organisations and frontline providers of health and care. Our aim is to create a culture shift in health and social care where standards are accepted as the norm.

This follows on from a limited pilot project we undertook last year to test the development of an approach to implementation. This project ran for five months and focused on implementation of the e-discharge standard, working primarily with Royal College of Nursing, Royal College of Physicians (London), Royal College of GPs and Royal College of Psychiatrists. The PRSB identified barriers, challenges and incentives to adoption working with these colleges and interviewing a wide range of frontline staff and produced a set of toolkits to support organisations and staff to implement the e-discharge standard locally

In addition, the project will look to work with other national organisations to ensure we are using all the available levers and incentives to promote adoption of standards and where we identify barriers to their use we can help unblock them. We are also identifying individual organisations, notably global digital exemplars, vanguards and sustainability and transformation programmes, who we can support to adopt standards and learn from their experience – producing resources and guidance that can be shared more widely with others.

Following on from this initial project, the PRSB will continue to work with its 30-odd member organisations to raise awareness with their professional membership of the benefits of standards and how to support implementation. We are also expanding our offer to support education and training of clinicians and professionals in the adoption of standards by producing training materials and resources for use across a wide range of learning platforms. And we are looking to collaborate with junior doctors in individual provider organisations to develop quality improvement projects that can adopted and shared more widely as a learning resource.

The scope of the project
The diagram below shows the scope of the implementation project - download this document

For more information contact info@theprsb.org.

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