27 April 2017

INTEROP Summit 2017 videos now online

The full content of the highly successful InteropSummit 2017, which took place in March, is now available on YouTube.

The content includes the first day of lectures, including a speech from Bob Wachter, as well as sessions on information models, terminology, packaging and transporting them, interop architecture, FHIR, legal basis of data sharing and machine learning.

InteropSummit Day 1, London 2017 - YouTube

The second video includes content from day two, with sessions in making SNOMED work, PRSB Headings, business case for Interop, engaging the public in information sharing, and integration of health and social care, amongst others.

InteropSummit Day 2, London 2017 - YouTube

Stressing the importance of making data available to the right people, the summit was oversubscribed, and attended by a wide range of people from health, social care and IT backgrounds. The event was extremely successful, outlining key areas of focus for the future.

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