26 April 2017

PRSB hosts webinars to agree clinical priorities for care record standards

Last month the PRSB held two webinars with advisory board members to agree the collective view of our member organisations, and outline what the clinical priorities for care record standards should be for 2017/18.

Current priorities are focused around standards for transfers of care, but the PRSB has also been working on standards which will help to coordinate care planning for patients with complex needs, such as people with long-term conditions or those receiving end of life care. In addition, we have expanded our work with the social care sector and plan to continue this. Professionals recognise the need for a patient-centric approach, and emerging areas of work will include the facilitation of self-care through patient-held records and patient-facing apps and devices. Other potential areas for future work include precision medicine and greater focus on shared decision making, to better support an integrated approach to delivering health and social care.

The webinars outlined a series of 'wicked problems' that need to be addressed in order for care records to reflect a comprehensive picture of a person's needs, care and treatment. During the session, clinicians and professionals discussed our options for tackling these, addressing the variations in pathology measuring and reporting systems, difficulties linking with social care, and medicine reconciliation-finding information sharing solutions for patients who are prescribed medication from a range of care providers.

Advisory board members agreed to tackle these problems through a series of workshops and discussion papers, to highlight the challenges and potential solutions. Over the coming months, the PRSB will expand the number of health and social care professionals we're working with, to open a wider forum for discussion.

As well as encouraging more involvement from those facing challenges with information in community-based roles, such as midwives, we're also keen to get input from those working in other sectors, like care homes and the pharmaceutical sector.

To get involved or to receive further information, please contact info@theprsb.org.

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