28 March 2017

The PRSB seeks to build relationships with social care

Growing strong relationships with social care professionals is integral to the work of the PRSB.

Following a recent meeting with Lyn Romeo, chief social worker for adults, we are planning to engage further with social care professionals to raise awareness about the PRSB's role in developing standards and supporting their adoption by professionals.

Key is ensuring that the hospital discharge summary is shared within 24 hours of discharge with 'any relevant third party provider of health or social care'. This includes care homes and, potentially, domiciliary care. This follows on from work already undertaken on the flow of information between hospitals and local authorities leading to the recently published standard that defines a set of assessment, discharge and withdrawal notices under the Care Act. (Complementing this standard are a number of new national social care messages that have been produced to support the exchange of structured information between organisations, making it easier to share between different IT systems.)

The PRSB is also planning an engagement programme with social workers through their regional professional networks to ensure wider participation in surveys and workshops.

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