28 March 2017

Implementing professional record standards

The PRSB is working with a range of bodies to develop an integrated approach to the implementation of professional record standards to facilitate safe, high quality, efficient care.

The aim of this work is to support, encourage and accelerate the widespread adoption of care record standards across the health and social care sector in the UK. In raising awareness about the importance of digital care records, we are engaging our member organisations, who represent more than 750,000 professionals and clinicians, as well as partners such as the CCIO network, NHS Digital and NHS England.

The key focus for the PRSB is to build on the engagement work it has done to date. New areas of work will include a focus on adoption of standards as part of education and training, supporting NHS trusts who've been funded as frontrunners in the digitisation process. We will be supporting sustainability and transformation plans, which are encouraging collaboration between local health and social care services to improve efficiency and standards of care.

We will also be focusing on how we work with vendors and networks such as InterOpen, to ensure that we have a joined up process to deliver information sharing across systems and organisations, for the benefit of professionals and patients.

In addition, the PRSB is investigating how our work can be integrated with the work of regulators, quality improvement and safety champions.

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