28 March 2017

Webinar events - defining our clinical priorities

The PRSB is holding webinars this week to clarify clinical priorities for the development of care record standards.

Led by Dr Phil Kozcan, clinical director for health and care, the events took place on 28th and 31st March, to give advisory board members the opportunity to shape and define the PRSB's strategic clinical priorities for 2017 -18.

Current priorities are focused around standards for transfers of care, but the PRSB has also been working on standards which will help to coordinate care planning for patients with complex needs, such as people with long-term conditions or those receiving end of life care. In addition, we have expanded our work with social care through the care homes project, which analyses information flows in and out of homes to determine what information should be shared in order to provide better care.

Moving forward, the PRSB recognises the need for a patient-centric approach, with emerging areas of work including the facilitation of self-care through patient-held records and patient-facing apps and devices. We will also be investigating how we can better facilitate sharing data to support precision medicine, where treatments have been tailored to a patient's specific needs. Other priorities include ensuring that information can be used for research and audit purposes, as well as utilising new technologies. Finally, the PRSB will be considering how to resolve complex issues, such as diagnostics reporting, recording consent, allergies and medicine dosage.

As the health social care sector continues to evolve from paper records to fully digitalised systems, we know that different providers will be at different stages in their adoption of new technology. The PRSB recognises this, and is working locally to facilitate the shift and accelerate the processes where necessary.

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