28 March 2017

Latest news on PRSB projects and standards

Work is progressing on major projects including new standards for care plans and child health records which will better support children and their families.

Project updates:

New standards to improve patient care records in mental health and crisis care have been published by the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB). The new crisis care standard includes information on end of life care plans for terminally ill patients, to support better coordination of treatment in primary, acute and community care, as well as hospices, care homes, and social services. Enabling care professionals to get access to relevant information on patient history, it will also help to avoid unnecessary admissions and procedures.

The Mental Health Discharge Summary is used for adult patients who are discharged from a mental health service to the care of their GP practice. The standard was developed in collaboration with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the British Psychological Society, as well as other professional bodies, clinicians and patients. It includes information on patient history, such as medications, the details of their hospital admission, as well as current and previous diagnoses.

Child Health

Next week the PRSB will hold its first child health events workshop which is fully subscribed. Standards for child health events are being developed in partnership with NHS Digital in order to implement NHS England's digital child health strategy which will better support children and their families. The standards will specify the content for shared access to information for all involved in the care of children, including parents and carers, through digital personal child health records. The first workshop, Child Health Birth Events, will be held on Wednesday 5th April, to give patients and professionals the chance to have their input on what the standard should include. Further workshops will be held in May and June, with a survey and report due out in July. The final publication of the standard will be released in early autumn.

For more information or to get involved in future workshops please email us directly at info@theprsb.org.

Care planning

The PRSB has been given the green light to begin developing standards for care plans, in partnership with NHS North West London. For patients with complex needs and serious conditions, long-term planning is an integral part of providing high-quality care. The latest standard to be developed by the PRSB is the generic care plan standard, which will ensure that relevant information is passed between different sections of the health and social care system to facilitate better long-term care for patients. The project is now being mapped out and workshops are due to be scheduled in June. We will post more information on the project at www.theprsb.org/projects as it becomes available, or you can contact us directly at info@theprsb.org.

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