PRSB teams up with Understanding Patient Data to launch new animations

The PRSB is teaming up with Understanding Patient Data to help produce a new animation highlighting our important work in enabling digital ways of sharing health and care information to improve care.

The video will be part of a highly successful series of animations, released this month, which illustrate how better information sharing for both direct patient care as well as for research, quality improvement and planning services can make care better for patients. The videos have been viewed more than 500,000 times already and have been well received by professionals and the public.

Demonstrating how information can enable better clinical care, the videos show that shared data can help us to diagnose different conditions and develop new treatments. It can enable us to spot patterns in health and care, work out where more services are required and anticipate what may be needed in future. Patient information can also be used to better understand certain conditions, and work out new and better ways to cure and eradicate them.

The Understanding Patient Data campaign was set up to support conversations with the public, patients and healthcare professionals about how health data is used. The campaign launched the series of films in March which focus on the following topics:

An asthma attack and patient data
A cancer diagnosis and patient data
A dementia diagnosis and patient data
Managing diabetes and patient data
A heart attack and patient data

We will let you know when the next animation with the Understanding Patient Data comes out on Twitter and Facebook.

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