Digitally supported information sharing

It will be necessary to conduct a current state analysis of the digital systems in use, and what is required to overcome these challenges and to develop a strategy and business case for the introduction of systems, through the upgrading of existing systems, procurement of alternative systems, or of integration solutions. The toolkit includes resources designed to help with business planning and working with system suppliers. The outputs from the Simulation element of the current project will be useful in engaging with professionals and service users on options for the design of templates and formats for personalised care and support plans, and useful in engaging with current and prospective system suppliers in agreeing requirements. 

Over time, exemplar healthcare systems will likely emerge that have developed and implemented solutions that address these challenges. These solutions will increasingly be enabled by and will need to be seen in the context of, overall strategies at the ICS level and beyond, to deliver on commitments to shared care records, within and between ICSs, but progress can be made in the interim.

What is your work programme and outline timetable to develop a strategy for a system of personalised care and support planning (PCSP) which is digitally supported?