Diabetes standard


Caring for the growing numbers of people with diabetes is one of the biggest challenges in healthcare as “diabetes is the largest contributor to healthcare cost and reduced life expectancy in Europe.”  The number of people living in the UK with diabetes is expected to rise to 4.2 million people by 2030, affecting almost 9% of the population. Poorly treated, diabetes can lead to other conditions including heart disease, vision problems, kidney disease and foot complications.
However, with the right treatment and care, people can live a healthy life with much less risk of complications. Personalised care that is delivered across primary care, community services and hospital settings is key and sharing information to support joined up care is vital. 
PRSB has been commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement to produce standards for sharing diabetes information between people and professionals across all care settings, that includes self-reported data from the increasing number of digital tools available for self-management and medical technology (e.g. glucose monitors) to support remote patient monitoring. 

The consultation process

PRSB held focus groups in June 2021 with professionals and patients to understand their concerns and views about the information sharing challenges they face. Draft standards have now been created to test with professionals, patients, carers and systems and technology suppliers. 

We are now inviting you to take part in our UK wide survey, which will help us shape our standard and inform further development of the following areas;

· A diabetes record standard: for a person-centred record about a person with diabetes for use across healthcare settings.

· A self-reported data standard: for sharing information collected by people with diabetes at home with professionals, such as blood pressure or from wearable devices such as continuous glucose monitors.

· A ‘view’ of the personalised care and support plan (PCSP) standard: to define the information required for care planning for people with diabetes.

The survey should take a maximum of 10 minutes.


For more information 

If you would like to know more about this project or find out how you can take part, please contact info@theprsb.org.


Diabetes standard survey – NOW LIVE

We have now created a draft diabetes standard and we are inviting you to take part in our UK wide survey to make sure the information needs of diabetes patients and those who deliver care are considered. System suppliers have also been invited to take part.

The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete and will close Friday 11 December 2021.

Take part now