PRSB welcomes new partners onboard the Quality Partner Scheme

The Partner Scheme is moving along at pace, and we are excited to welcome EIDO Healthcare, EveryLIFE Technologies, Kinseed and Person Centred Software onboard this month.

Josh Knight, Kinseed’s Chief Commercial Officer, said of their partnership status with PRSB: “Our membership of the Partnership Scheme is an important step towards our vision of truly connected Digital Transformation for Healthcare. We’ve seen first-hand how fragmented and disconnected health data can be, and we believe it’s every organisation’s responsibility to break down those barriers to connected care, instead of building more silos and walls. This partnership does just that – it puts our healthcare platform customers in the best possible position to store, trust and share their data easily and effectively.”

First Quality Partner Scheme Workshop is big success

This month we held our first virtual partner workshop, which was well received by more than 40 representatives from our Partners and PRSB members including Digital health and care Scotland and Digital health and care Wales. Presentations included an overview of the Partner Scheme, how it works in practice and how we plan to develop the scheme with the input of partners.

We were pleased to welcome Nuno Almeida, CEO of Nourish Care, who talked about his experience of becoming the PRSB’s first quality partner and achieving conformance for the Digital Care and Support Standard. He shared lessons learned and gave attendees top tips for success, as well as his perspectives of the benefits of becoming a Quality Partner. “PRSB is a great network to be part of,” he said. “It provides thought leadership and vision for integrated care. The challenges of interoperability, information governance and technology must not be allowed to prevent us from focussing on the bigger picture – the iterative approach PRSB is undertaking is likely to start crumbling those barriers.”

Partners also fed back their ideas for subjects for future workshops. The series of events will continue next month, with talks from guest speaker John Farendon, Programme Director of NHSX’s Shared Care Record Programme, Sandip Kaur, PRSB’s Technical Architect, and a local case study on the experience of implementing shared care records.

In the meantime, we are in discussion with frameworks of digital vendors about partnership and the benefits it brings. We’ll be updating details on our website in the next few weeks about the scheme so that you have all the latest information on the features and benefits of the scheme and how to join.

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