PRSB to starts new shared decision-making project  

PRSB has long had an ambition to develop a standard for shared decision making and we are delighted to be bringing together patients and the public, clinicians, professionals and vendors to develop this standard. Shared decisionmaking means that individuals can be supported by clinicians and other professionals to make health and care decisions that are right for them, based on their personal aims and goals.   

The PRSB has launched a project to standardise shared decision-making in orthopaedics. We have set up a working group to discuss what will need to be included in the standard, so that information about care and treatment options including benefits and risks can be discussed, questions addressed and decisions recorded. This would include  consent for treatment, when it is agreed, and any pre-operative assessments and requirements. By standardising the process it will ensure that information can be shared consistently using any digital systems. 

Shared decision making should improve relationships between professionals and people using services and ensure people are more involved in decisions about their care and health generally. It should help people to have a clear understanding of the benefits and risks of treatment options. Greater use of shared decision making should also reduce variations in care and ensure resources are used more effectively across the health and care system. 

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