NICE endorses e-discharge summary standard

We’re pleased to announce that our e-discharge summary standard has been formally endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Their endorsement will help drive adoption of PRSB’s standard which aims to improve safe transitions for people between hospitals and the community.

The NICE Endorsement Programme endorses resources from organisations that support the implementation of NICE guidance and the use of quality standards.

The organisation has agreed that our discharge summary reflects and supports recommendations in NICE guidelines on transitions of care between different settings. It also supports the NICE quality standard on transition. The standard can now be found under a list of endorsed resources on the NICE website.

PRSB CEO, Lorraine Foley said: “At PRSB our goal is to develop standards that can support better information sharing and safer, more efficient care. We want to facilitate integrated care between different services, by ensuring that accurate and standardised information can be easily transferred between systems. We are delighted that NICE has chosen to approve our e-discharge summary standard, which sets out best practice in information sharing when someone is discharged from hospital. The endorsement reinforces the importance and visibility of these standards and encourages adoption, making it easier for local organisations to do the right thing. Change won’t happen overnight, but we are delighted to work with our partners to promote this kind of initiative.”

Professor Gillian Leng, deputy CEO and director of health and social care at NICE, added: “A smooth transition between inpatient and community or care home settings can have huge benefits for everyone involved. NICE is pleased to endorse the PRSB’s e-discharge summary standard, which accurately reflects our evidence-based recommendations on these transitions.”

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