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We are working with NHS England to determine what information needs to be shared in a person’s digital health and care record.

The aim of the local health and care records programme is to help local organisations move from today’s position, where each health and care organisation holds separate records for the individuals they care for, to one where an individual’s records are connected up from across the health and care system.

This will help health and care professionals to share information safely and securely as the people they care for move between different parts of the NHS and social care. It also enables individuals to be able to access their records irrespective of which part of the health and care system that has provided them with their care.

To help us to determine exactly what needs to be contained in this record, we are holding a workshop on 5 March to discuss this important work. This will be attended by a selection of professionals across a wide range of different sectors, as well as patients and carers.

There will also be a series of online discussions (webinars) taking place, which will cover the following topics. You can join these by phone or web and you can find the details for each below:

End of Life

On Tuesday 19 February at 10.30am – 12pm, we are holding a webinar to inform the end of life section of the care record.

Who should attend? Clinicians, palliative care nurses, carers, hospice professionals and other end of life care specialists.

Maternity and child health

On Tuesday 26 February at 10.30am – 12pm we are hosting a webinar to inform the maternity and child health section of the record.

Who should attend? Pregnant women, parents, midwives, obstetricians, gynaecologists, surgeons, paediatricians, paediatric nurses, genomics experts, social workers, health visitors, dieticians, dentists and other professionals from across health and social care.

Social care

On Tuesday 26 February at 10am – 12pm, we are hosting a social care webinar, to determine how care in this area will inform the record.

Who should attend? Social workers, carers, patients, health visitors and care home professionals.

Mental Health

On Tuesday 26 February at 2 pm – 3.30 pm, we are hosting a mental health webinar, to determine how care in this area will inform the record.

Who should attend? Mental health professionals, carers and patients.

Patient and Carer needs

On Wednesday 27 February at 10am – 12pm we will be holding a webinar to focus on patient and carer needs, to find out exactly what you feel should be held in your record.

Who should attend? Patients and carers.

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