PRSB supporting development of a digital ReSPECT form

A PRSB workshop is being planned to bring together end-of-life clinicians, system suppliers and informatics professionals to review proposals for a digital ReSPECT form.

This is the next step in the work PRSB is currently undertaking with NHS Scotland and Resuscitation Council UK to develop a digital specification for the ReSPECT form, which outlines a person’s care in a future emergency situation if they are unable to make or express choices.

The paper form, which was developed by Resuscitation Council UK, contains information about a person’s preferences for resuscitation and other end-of-life care.

When complete the digital specifications will ensure that all information is available in the right place, in a standardised way and can be shared between different services. The specifications will be freely available for use by any provider who wants to put them in place. For more information contact:

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