Core Information Standard (CIS) update

The Core Information Standard defines a set of information that can be used for direct care that can potentially be shared between systems in different settings, with professionals and people using services. Version 2.0 of the standard was released in 2021. 

We regularly review and update our standards every three years or more frequently to ensure they stay current, suitable, and easy to use. Our standards are based on a set of reference components, which we’ve refined over time to ensure consistency across the board. As we’ve developed new standards, we’ve enhanced these components to make implementation easier and there are now new parts in other standards which could be appropriate for the Core Information Standard.


The following areas are included in the scope of this project:

  • General review of the context and environment for the Core Information Standard
  • Application of our Provenance Data Standard – making the information model shorter and simpler to use
  • Potential addition of new sections from other standards such as equipment and services, palliative and end of life care and shared decision making
  • Aligning the standard to the more recently published Pathology ISN so shared care records can share the results of pathology tests
  • Addressing all the issues in the maintenance log (internal and user raised)
  • Gaining DAPB approval and an ISN to formalise the standard and its implementation
  • Engaging and raising awareness with key stakeholders:
    • Local Government shared care records network
    • System suppliers
    • National ShCR programme directors’ group
    • Pathology clinical informaticians

Delivery dates

This is the timeframe for the project. Deadline for delivery is May 2024.

How to get involved

We are always pleased to get feedback on our standards to help improve them. Please send any queries, ideas or suggestions for improvement to us using either the form on our support page Standard support – PRSB ( or email us via or phone on 020 4551 5225.