Community pharmacy standard


The community pharmacy standard was developed to allow information recorded by pharmacy staff to be transferred directly into a patients record, held by their GP practice. Community pharmacies are offering an increased range of services to support care for people in the community and this standard ensures that this professional contribution can be shared with the wider NHS providing a more complete record of a person’s treatment and care. 

The existing community pharmacy standard (V2.2) was published in early 2021. This project will bring the standard up to date with changes to community pharmacy services with regards to policy, contractual framework, advances in standards and interoperability and will get the standard ready for wide implementation of its full functionality. 

Version 3 will also include an Information Standards Notice (ISN) approved through the Data Alliance Partnership Board (DAPB)

Aims and objectives

  • Consolidate the existing standard to reflect other standard developments that have been undertaken since the last publication that either relate or contribute to this work. For example dose syntax, 111-referral standards and the Provenance Data Standard. 
  • Incorporate changes to PRSB components within the standard made since the last publication, and bring the standard in line with the latest improved ways of managing, formatting and presenting the standard.   
  • Address all issues and change requests in standard’s maintenance log  
  • Develop a standard with capacity to accommodate potential new services being developed or piloted.


This standard includes:
  • All services included in the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (2019-24)
  • All ages
  • Engagement with NHS England Policy teams to establish information requirements and existing information best practice and standards for the new services
  • Engagement of suppliers and users on the development of the standard to increase broader adoption across the system. 
  • Review of value sets and terminology to ensure alignment to the latest releases 
  • England only – consultation will be UK wide, but many of the services covered are only contracted in England and so parts of the standard are not relevant to other UK nations.


2 consultation webinars are set, one for system suppliers  on 2nd Feb and one for professionals, people and other stakeholders on 7th Feb.

To support the webinars and allow stakeholder to review the detailed information, the presentations and information model are available from this page. 

Supplier webinar presentation slides are available here.

Key stakeholder webinar presentation slides are available here

The information model is available in two formats:

  1. Expandable table style view – a read only table view using our Art-Décor modelling tool, which can be expanded and collapsed for all levels of hierarchy and provides easier to follow views. The view does have to be configured once for each user and instructions on what columns need to be selected and how to do this are available here. The table view is here.  
  2. An Excel version here is also available which has a column for comments.

Please provide your feedback by email to with “Community Pharmacy Consultation” in the subject either with comments in the email or in an attached version of the Excel file.  

Please provide your comments asap and by Fri 10th Feb latest.  

Key dates

    • Final draft to be published in March 23
    • ISN application in Q1 2023
    • Publication of Version 3 with ISN in Aug 2023


For more information

If you would like to know more about this project or find out how you can take part in the upcoming consultation process, please contact

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