How will standards keep AI safe in the NHS?

A blog from co-written with our partner, HD Labs In this year’s budget, the Government pledged an additional £3.4bn to ramp up digitisation and automation in the NHS, motivated by the estimated £35bn in productivity savings technology offers over the next parliament.   Whilst technology and automation are a crucial enabler to achieve this short-term opportunity, […]

Empowering efficient and connected care with the PRSB e-Discharge Summary Standard

Nicola Cranfield, Clinical Solutions Lead and CSO at IMS MAXIMS, explains why other system suppliers should follow their example and become conformant against the PRSB’s e-Discharge Summary standard to improve sharing of information at discharge and enable continuity of care.  Within IMS MAXIMS, we understand technology’s crucial role in delivering high-quality, patient-centred care and optimising […]

10 years of driving better health and care outcomes with information standards

  Our CEO, Lorraine Foley, reflects on our 10th anniversary event on 21 September. On 21 September, having succumbed to COVID, I was relegated to watching our Annual General Meeting and 10th anniversary celebrations on a small screen from afar. I was disappointed as there was obviously such a great vibe in the room and […]

How can better information sharing between health and care settings improve diabetes care?

Sandra Baughan, Founder and Managing Director at Quic, currently enabling better management of diabetes through the development of digital care planning for long term conditions, blogged for us about the need for changing current practices in recording and sharing diabetes data between clinicians and care homes via an efficient data orchestration ecosystem. With the growing […]

Scotland’s data strategy aims to set the standard

With the recent publication of Scotland’s first Data strategy for Health and Social Care, Carol Sinclair, Chair of the Health and Social Care Data Board, sets out the key data standards commitments – and what it means for professionals and public. It’s long been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a […]

Improving population health management through data and individualised care

A guest blog by Ben Wilson, Product Solution Director at Orion Health. The NHS defines population health as ‘an approach aimed at improving the physical and mental health outcomes and wellbeing of people, whilst reducing health inequalities within and across a defined population.’ While we may think that the management of population health takes a […]