30 September 2016

ED discharge summary


Lorraine Foley

Emergency care in the NHS is under great strain with more than 16 million people attending hospital emergency departments every year and admissions growing by up to 30 percent annually a significant proportion of patients could be treated elsewhere, saving emergency departmentstime and money.
Getting the right information to emergency careclinicians on time will help ease pressures on admissions, and similarly ensuring that the right information is sent quickly to GPs and others when a patient is discharged from hospital emergency care will help keep patients safe and well cared for in the community.
The PRSB has produced information standards to ensure that when a patient is transferred from ambulance services to emergency departments clinicians have all the information they need to provide the best care possible.
Now the PRSB aims to improve patient safety and continuity of care by developing standards for emergency care discharge summary records that can be shared electronically with health and social care providers and patients themselves. This will help the NHS move beyond providing paper- and email-based discharge summary records and will allow doctors, nurses and other professionals to share vital patient information in real time.
In setting national standards for information that should be contained in patient records, the PRSB is fulfilling a vital step that will allow different information systems to talk to one another and call up the same patient information every time so clinicians have a single, reliable set of records to work with.
Working with GPs from the Royal College of GPs and emergency care clinicians from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, the PRSB will consult widely with clinicians, professionals, patients and suppliers to make sure the emergency department discharge record summary contains the right information, is straightforward to use and works in suppliers' IT systems.
The standards will be produced over the next few months and we expect they will be endorced and ready to use early 2017. The PRSB is committed to improving health and care by empowering professionals and patients with the best quality information delivered in a timely way. We believe the emergency department discharge summary record is a vital tool for all health and care professionals and patients, and we are keen to complete this work and drive uptake of this standard as well as others we have developed.
To find out more about the ED discharge summary and the work of the PRSB visit www.theprsb.org or email info@theprsb.org

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