Our services

We work with the public and professionals to define the standards needed for good care records.
Our services

National standards development
We develop care records standards that are widely accepted and endorsed across the UK.

Assurance of standards
We work with professional groups to provide assurance and consistency across the system and recommend any further development needed to achieve the status of a PRSB endorsed national standard.

Putting standards into practice
We recognise that standardised care records are only of value if they are translated into electronic records and used successfully in the provision of care. We know how challenging this can be and are keen to provide advice and support.

With our expertise in standards development and implementation, we are well placed to undertake independent, authoritative evaluation of care records projects. Find out more about our evaluation offering here.

Compliance Audits
Whether you are a care provider, software vendor or any other part of the health and social care system, we can audit your compliance with standards and make recommendations for improvement.

General advice and consultancy
We are the acknowledged experts in our field. If you have a standards-related problem we want to help. Please contact us.

Why do we need standards for care records?

Our health and social care system cannot provide good care without a properly joined-up, coherent care record system. This does not currently exist. From patients not having to tell their story over and over again, to safer delivery of care, and more efficiency by care providers, the benefits of a better care record system are significant.

The PRSB is the first port of call for anyone developing electronic health and social care records who wants to ensure a consistent, coherent system. As well as our work with medical college members and patients, we are working closely with technical specialists in developing electronic standards.