We have defined our plans for the future in a bold and ambitious five year plan which recognises the changing context and environment in which we operate.

Our five year plan focuses on:

  • Covid19 and its legacy
  • Increased personalisation of care
  • Implementation of standards and interoperability building on accelerated digital transformation
  • Improved population health management
  • Increased focus on reducing inequalities
  • Levelling up and greatly increased focus on social care
  • Our expanding workforce

Our new five year strategy reflects the priorities and insights of our Advisory Board and Board members and the wider clinical, professional and people networks and communities who contribute to our thinking and work.

View the PRSB strategy 2021-2016 timeline here.

Our vision

To optimise the health of UK citizens through the definition and widespread adoption of high quality, standardised records.

Our mission

To become the authoritative voice for the development and widepread use of standards that ensure all electronic health and social care records are of the highest quality.

Our aims


1. Expand use of standards to improve health and care

  • Develop and grow the Standards Partnership Scheme
  • Develop strategy to support implementation
  • Refine our methods so standards are robust and fit for purpose


2. Elevate the voice of people in our work

  • Grow and diversify our people network
  • Influence how apps and digital technologies are assessed and results communicated
  • Drive adoption of ‘About Me’ and shared decision-making standards


3. Develop and strengthen the organisation

  • Develop partnerships and secure flexible access to resources and skill sets
  • Improve our tools and processes to efficiently run our business
  • Establish PRSB’s role and contribution in the end to end life cycle for standards


4. Create a strong and financially sustainable organisation

  • Develop new products and services to meet unfilled need (e.g. evaluation, conformance, code set management, clinical advice)
  • Commissioning arrangements are simplified
  • Deliver a strategy to reduce costs and timescales of projects and resources


5. Increase our influence and put it to good use

  •  Communicate our value offer to members
  • Proactively manage key relationships and members and networks and engaging on topics of relevant importance
  • Develop a pool of clinical and professional advocates