We have defined our plans for the future in a bold and ambitious three year strategy. These strategic priorities and the outcomes we are seeking to create are set out below.


1. Prioritise and empower patients, carers and citizens and ensure they are present and powerful in all areas of our work.

  • Patient and carer views and needs are prioritised.
  • Our standards are accessible and empower patients and carers to be active in their own care.
  • Home is the desired care setting

2. Deliver our core services contract and work packages to a high quality, demonstrating impact and value-add to the health and care system.

  • Core service levels with NHS Digital are consistently achieved.
  • Our customers give strong, positive feedback.
  • Awareness and ‘pull’ for standards from professionals is increased.

3. Diversify our income and build reserves to enable investment in important areas that support our key priorities

  • Achieve target turnover and net surplus.
  • Diversify customers and income.

4. Raise awareness and understanding of PRSB and its purpose and increase its impact and influence across the whole of the UK.

  • There is an increased awareness and advocacy of PRSB standards, adoption and endorsement of their use.
  • Increased web traffic and social media awareness of PRSB.
  • Increased representation of diverse patient and carer voices in PRSB work.

5. Develop our organisation to be fit for purpose to deliver our vision and mission.

  • Member organisations are increasingly ‘activated’.
  • We develop a continuous learning and improvement cycle that informs our work.
Our vision
To optimise the health of UK citizens through the definition and widespread adoption of high quality, standardised records.
Our mission
To become the authoritative voice for the development and widepread use of standards that ensure all electronic health and social care records are of the highest quality.