Learning from Local

The Local Health and Care Record “Learning from Local” Initiative
The Learning from Local initiative was established as part of NHS England’s Local Health and Care Record (LHCR) programme. It has the responsibility of providing tools, assets and opportunities that help facilitate and encourage the sharing of learned knowledge and experience amongst the LHCR community and also other local shared care record projects underway across the country. Its overarching aim is to share examples of good practice, to promote replication and enhancement, and avoid duplication of work. Learning from Local is partnering with PRSB and other organisations to promote this work and provide opportunities for localities to raise awareness of ongoing good practice happening at a local level.
What is the Learning from Local initiative offering organisations?
The initiative is currently providing a knowledge capture service to health and care organisations, encouraging them to volunteer examples of good practice that will then be collected and shared throughout the community via a range of channels ranging from written case studies to podcasts as well as facilitating and supporting local networking events. It also runs a workspace on the FutureNHS platform where this good practice is hosted, along with relevant news, events, and links to other useful information on care record projects across England.
Get involved
If you would like to propose a concept for the knowledge capture service, would like support to host a knowledge exchange event, or would like to apply for an account* on the Learning from Local FutureNHS workspace, please email

*Accounts are currently only open to NHS, Local Government employees, or individuals authorised by their shared care record.

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The Learning from Local programme is looking for volunteers who can offer examples of best practice in their organisations. If you would like to be part of the knowledge capture service or to find out more, please email