Our Values

Our vision is to optimise the health and wellbeing of UK citizens through the definition and widespread adoption of high quality, standardised records.

We work in partnership with care providers, service users, carers, technology suppliers, informatics practitioners, professional bodies, government and NHS agencies across the UK. We provide an authoritative voice for our members, representing a wide range of stakeholders to ensure widespread adoption of high quality approved care records to ensure better high quality information and better high quality care. We do this by working to these values at all times.

We operate with the highest standards of independence and integrity

• We are committed to the provision of independent support and advice on the way care records standards should be developed for the benefit of all. We will not enter into partnerships or agreements that compromise our independence or lead to perceived conflicts of interest.

We ensure development is collaborative

• We are a membership body. Our members are organisations representing patients, service users and carers; doctors and nurses; other health professionals; social care professionals; and developers and suppliers of software used in health and social care. Our members are drawn from all four UK nations. Collaboration by this unique mix of members ensures that care record standards are practical and realistic, and result in the creation of care records that are widely supported and work for everyone who needs to use them, wherever and whenever they need them.

Ensuring our work benefits patients and service users

• We are a community interest (not for profit) company. We put patients, service users and the public first so that the work of the PRSB reflects the views of individuals and is always aligned to initiatives and programmes that deliver better outcomes for patients.

Being determined to positively impact health and care systems

• We are proactive and pragmatic catalysts for driving change through better high quality care records and will exert our influence to do so in every way we can, from national policy levels to delivering local solutions.

Meeting our commitments and delivering high quality products and high value support to our customers.

• We work to ensure there are practical and implementable standards in the health and care topics that matter most to our members and their patients. We set ourselves the highest standards and are rigorous in assuring we meet them. We regularly evaluate our work and continuously improve our methods.

Investing in our people

• We will invest in and empower our people to achieve the highest performance and contribution to the organisation. We believe that it is critical that we continue to form effective teams with the talent needed to make a significant contribution to better care records and better care outcomes.

Valuing and nurturing our members and networks

• The PRSB can only exist with the goodwill and contribution of its members and networks. We will respect and value their time and contribution ensuring that we are responsive and supportive and that all voices are heard.