Our Strategy

We have set out our plans for the future in a bold and ambitious three year strategy which will enable us to work with our members and with patients to help ensure better care through better care records.

That mission is to increase our impact, influence and reach, becoming the authoritative voice and gold standard for the definition, recording, communication and use of high quality, consistent care records. We will work nationally to influence policy; we will raise awareness and draw on the strengths of our membership and their extensive networks; we will support local health and care systems to realise the significant benefits that better care records bring.

We are well positioned and well equipped to make an impact on this major challenge for health and social care. We think clearly about what we need to prioritise, what decisions we need to take and how we need to organise ourselves so we can meet the potential to benefit patients and professionals on a large scale.

Our strategy is for growth. We need to grow our influence, our impact and the amount of support we provide. We have secured an important three year framework agreement with the HSCIC but, to achieve our mission, we need to be much more involved in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We can also contribute much more by being more involved in the use of care record standards to enable systems to provide better care with better outcomes.

Our strategic priorities and plans

Our priorities and plans are set out in our strategy and summarised below:

1. Empower patients and public and put them at the centre of our work

  • Develop our organisation to be fit for purpose to deliver our vision and mission.
  • Strengthen patient and public engagement within our work and in our governance mechanisms.
  • Prioritise 'patient-held care record standards' within our forward work programme to improve patient reporting, empowerment, advocacy and self care.

2. Become a financially stable and sustainable organisation increasing turnover and diversifying our customer base

  • Agree forward call-off plan against HSCIC contract.
  • Build comprehensive range of high value professional services around our core competence in care record standards.
  • Identify and secure new revenue through new customer relationships and routes to market.
  • Develop a strategy to plan and prepare for the post-3 year contract with the HSCIC.

3. Maintain and increase our excellent track record for delivery and quality and use this to strengthen our reputation and credibility

  • Develop a prioritised 3 year work programme for greatest impact.
  • Prioritise social care within the 3 year work programme in terms of contribution to interoperability, application of care record standards and involvement in PRSB governance.
  • Establish our role in standards adoption.
  • Increase our work to support implementation at local and national levels.

4. Raise awareness and understanding of PRSB and its purpose and increase its impact and influence across the whole of the United Kingdom

  • Build reciprocal relationships, knowledge and work programmes with NHS Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.
  • Conduct key stakeholder analysis and action plan within a Business Development Strategy.
  • Develop and implement a communication and engagement strategy for the PRSB.
  • Develop our international presence and credentials.

5. Develop our organisation to be fit for purpose to deliver our vision and mission

  • Build and develop the Executive Team, core team and flexible resource capacity.
  • Develop the role, coverage, capacity and contribution of the Advisory Board, membership and networks.
  • Develop professional services culture, operating disciplines, tools, policies and procedure.s
  • Continually review, evaluate and improve operational processes within PRSB.
  • Review and improve the governance structures we use to deliver our mission including the Articles of Association, the Board our committees and the vendor forum.