Shared decision making is for everyone

Involving people in discussing their treatment and care options so that they can make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing are at the heart of person-centred care. Evidence shows that where people are listened to, given the information they need and the time and support to make informed decisions about their care and treatment, […]

New faces at the PRSB

What made you want to join the PRSB? I was working in general practice on the administrative side of the COVID-19 vaccine programme, which sparked an interest in healthcare. I found the work to be rewarding but wanted to take on a role that used my writing and editorial skills more – the PRSB communications […]

Views from our Partners: Cerner

A citizen’s journey across the health and social care system is made up of a multitude of intricate steps and interactions, with a wealth of data to understand and interpret. The focus of a citizen’s health has often been about illness versus wellness. Considering this duality is important and becomes all-the-more apparent when there is […]

Putting people at the forefront will speed up digitisation

Blog: Prof Maureen Baker, Chair of PRSB In an organisation as far-reaching and wide-ranging as the NHS, complete digital transformation has remained a challenge for the past decade. With so many people now using a multitude of different services to meet their needs, cohesive and connected information sharing has never been more important. But it’s […]