PRSB launches new supplier scheme to support integrated care

The Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB) has launched the Standards Partnership Scheme to visibly recognise and support vendors across the UK that are implementing professionally endorsed record standards to improve and integrate care through interoperability.¬†¬† The scheme, which is supported by NHS and social care system leaders,¬†enables Partners to send a strong signal to customers […]

PRSB pays tribute to Dr Julian Costello

We were deeply saddened to hear that our advisory board colleague, Dr Julian Costello, passed away recently following a non-covid related illness. A hardworking and committed member of the Professional Record Standards Body since its inception, Julian was one of the early pioneers of informatics, introducing computers to his GP practice in the 1980s. He […]

PRSB to join Health Plus Care Online

You can join the PRSB at three exciting sessions at¬†Health Plus Care Online¬†next month, where we‚Äôll discuss how standards are working in action. On 24 February,¬†the citizen and clinical leads on our social care project, Sam Bergin Goncalves and Professor Adam Gordon, president elect at¬†the¬†British Geriatrics Society,¬†will talk about how using standards can improve the […]

In action: Pathfinder reaps the benefits of social care standards

NHS South West London CCG¬†is putting into practice the standard it developed with¬†PRSB¬†for¬†sharing¬†information for an¬†urgent¬†referral¬†from¬†a¬†care home to hospital. This¬†work was part of NHS Digital‚Äôs social care pathfinder programme and PRSB published¬†several¬†new¬†social¬†care¬†standards¬†to support the pathfinders‚Äô work.¬† Previously¬†shared in¬†a¬†physical¬†‚ÄúRed¬†Bag‚ÄĚ, the standard covers¬†the information that needs to¬†be¬†shared from a care home to a hospital in an urgent situation, […]

Patient and People Network to highlight individual needs first

Self-care, self-management, illness prevention and personal goals¬†are a vital part of wellbeing for many patients and carers.¬†That‚Äôs why the PRSB is building a¬†Patient and People Network,¬†in order to support them¬†in¬†influencing¬†the information that is prioritised for care and decide how it‚Äôs shared.¬† Covid has changed health and care priorities permanently and we know that digital is […]