Calling all FHIR enthusiasts

The PRSB is working with NHS Digital to provide clinical assurance on the UK‚Äôs ‘core FHIR profiles’, which are the¬†technical¬†standards (based on the PRSB standards)¬†that support the sharing of patient information between different computer systems.¬†¬†¬†¬† The goal is to ensure that the right clinical information can be shared between systems in the NHS and social […]

How information could support the fight against post-COVID syndrome 

In the early days of the pandemic, much of the effort of the health and care services was¬†focused on people with severe symptoms of Covid-19, many of whom required hospitalisation. Initial data indicated that approximately 80% of cases were deemed to be mild, with people expected to make a full recovery, as they would from […]

Lorraine Foley, CEO: What’s new for 2021?  

There’s no doubt that 2020 was a strange and challenging year, but health and care services have done an impressive job of adapting quickly to rapid change. The pandemic has led to increased innovation, particularly around digital and while there has been a lot of difficulties, we’re also hopeful that this renewed focus on ‘digitisation’ […]

GPs to receive more electronic flu vaccination notifications

NHS Digital has expanded its electronic flu notifications service, which is based on our pharmacy information standard and ensures that information about flu vaccinations can be shared digitally by pharmacies with GP practices. Last year, a new service using electronic notifications¬†to inform GP practices when a patient has a flu vaccination at a pharmacy was […]