We’re inviting you to join webinars this month that will help us to develop national standards for safely sharing information between social and health care. This will help to connect the two and make services safer and more personalised for people’s needs.

Social care services are a vital lifeline for people using them, offering them the chance to live the best quality of life they possibly can. Many older people using social care also have complex health conditions and they and their relatives want to feel secure in the knowledge that all aspects of their needs are being catered for in the best environment possible. Sharing information and having ‘joined up’ systems can help us to do that, and will support people to achieve their own personal goals and ambitions.

The work we are doing has been commissioned by NHS Digital, and the PRSB will work with organisations across the UK who are already developing innovative ways of using technology and information to deliver adult social care services. Everyone who works in health and social care will be welcome to the webinars, as well as carers and those who use services.

In total there will be four webinars, spanning the different areas of focus for which information standards are needed. A key area of focus that we are leading with is  ‘about me’ – important information a person wants to share about themselves with their carer or health or care professional. The other areas of focus are all outlined in the webinar table below.

Please contact info@theprsb.org if you’re able to join any of the online discussions, indicating which sessions you would like to receive details for. If you would prefer to send someone in your place or you have colleagues that you think should be involved please ask them to get in touch.

All of them will take place at 12.30pm and last for 90 minutes. If you’d like to join but are not able to attend for the full session, please let us know.

Area What it is about Date
Shared information between health, social care and local authorities.
(webinar 1)
Health and social care information in care homes, and information from local authorities, for health and care professionals.

This includes any adult using social care including those with learning disabilities, complex needs, people from vulnerable communities, users of mental health services and those receiving social care at home.

7th May
Referral information
(webinar 2)
What information needs to be shared following a referral from hospital for additional care and support? Thursday
14th May
About Me information
(webinar 3)
What vital, personal information do people and their carers want to be shared? Tuesday
19th May
‘RedBag’ information
(webinar 4)
What information is needed when a person is transferred urgently from care home to hospital? Thursday
21st May